What’s healthy exercise and what’s not?  That’s what you’ll learn about here, starting with what’s not. 

It is not good for your health to run or jog when you are overweight.  High impact aerobics of any kind are hard on your joints and could be too much for your heart. 

The disclaimer at the beginning of any exercise video or fitness book is there because exercising, when you are not in good health, can hurt you.  You should always consult your doctor, before you begin any fitness program. 

Let’s assume that you have consulted your doctor and you were told that you needed to lose weight, in order to improve your health.  But, you were not given a specific plan to follow.  That’s very common.

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Unless your regular doctor is involved in sports medicine, he or she doesn’t care how you lose weight, as long as you do it.  For many years, the mainstream medical community has maintained that one diet is as good as any other, if the outcome is weight loss.

They have said that the body makeup doesn’t matter that much, as long as a person’s weight is within the range on their charts.  The truth is this.  With regular healthy exercise, you could weigh more than the maximum on those charts and still be in excellent health.

If your blood pressure is good, your lung capacity is high, your blood triglycerides are within reasonable levels, your blood sugar levels are normal and your resting heart rate is low, you are probably in excellent health.  So, it’s not all about how much you weigh.  The bathroom scale is not a good tool for measuring your overall health. 

With regular healthy exercise, you build muscle.  You may gain weight or fail to lose the pounds that you think you should in the amount of time that you think you should, but you are making progress.

If you are a woman, you have breasts.  Breasts are fat and tissues.  Underneath that, you have your pectoral muscles, which you can develop and grow.

The runway models with flat chests are not in good health.  They are weak and sick.  Often, they have stopped menstruating, because they don’t get enough calories.

If you are a man and you start doing some light weight lifting and other healthy exercise, you are likely to start building muscle very quickly.  Men usually have an easier time building muscle than women.  They may be losing fat, rapidly, but the scale may not show it.

Most doctors will say that regular walking is the best activity.  Another good suggestion is the use of resistance bands.  They allow a person to work at their own level of fitness and start building muscle, without becoming exhausted.

Swimming, riding a stationary bike, particularly an incline bike, and beginning yoga are also good choices.  Pilates work for some people, although others find them too exhausting. 

Basically, healthy exercise is any activity that can be performed comfortably, without hurting your joints or risking injury, because injuries delay success.


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