There is no safe weightlosspill.  Even the pills that have been on the market for a long time might cause you health problems.  Even the body-building supplements might not be good for your health.

The truth is that you don’t really need a pill.  You may need to learn a different way of eating or your might need to work out more.  You could need to do both. 

Taking a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is a good idea, because it is really hard to get all of the nutrients that you need every day through your diet.  It’s also a good idea because they make you feel better.

Supplements containing green tea, resveratrol, ginkgo biloba, the B vitamins and other nutrients help your mood, which could be the key that you need to stick to a healthy eating plan.  What’s the healthiest eating plan?  Researchers agree that it is one that is rich in complex carbohydrates, but low in the simple ones. 

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Simple carbohydrates include polished grains, with the germ and fiber removed.  White bread, white rice and white flour products are examples.  Cutting the simple carbs out of your diet will do more than any weightlosspill for your short-term success and your long-term health. 

Simple carbs are digested too quickly.  They set off a chain of reactions in the body that eventually leads to the formation of molecules aptly referred to as AGEs; advanced glycation end-products.

AGEs interfere with the body’s ability to absorb proteins and glucose.  They make it impossible for cells to function and eventually the cells die.  They play a role in type II diabetes, heart disease and probably Alzheimer’s. 

There is no weightlosspill that prevents the formation of AGEs.  A nutrient called l-carnosine can help.  But, the best thing to do is to cut out the foods that contribute to the production of the molecules.  That means that you should stop eating white bread and white potatoes. 

One of the reasons that popular fast food is so bad for our health is because of all of the simple carbs.  Another reason is that most restaurants cook with oils that contain trans-fatty acids.

Too much fat in the diet is a cause of heart disease and obesity.  But, some fats are worse for your health than others.  Trans-fatty acids are the worst. 

So, instead of spending money on a weightlosspill, spend some money on good foods, like olive oil, which is a source of omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3s might help you lose some pounds, but they will definitely help you reduce your risk of heart disease.  Dozens of different studies have shown that to be true.

Spend some money on learning how to exercise the “right” way.  Learn which exercises burn the most calories and help your body burn more fat.  Here’s a hint, building muscle helps your body burn more fat. 

No matter what the companies claim, there is no safe and effective weightlosspill.  There are some nutrients that might help, but there are no magic pills.